Funding Measure

Research Networks for Health Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa

Funding Measure published: 2013
Funding Period: 2016 - 2021
Total Funding Amount: up to 50 Mio. Euro
Number of Projects: 5 Consortia with 10 German Projects and 26 African Partners

In February 2016, the kickoff event in Dar es Salam marked the start of a new funding initiative for the establishment and expansion of research networks for health innovations in sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative combines support for excellent research with comprehensive capacity-building activities and aims to sustainably advance the health research landscape in the African partner countries. By fostering health research, the initiative also helps to develop local health systems, which will ultimately contribute to breaking the vicious cycle between poverty and disease. This initiative is one of the main pillars of the BMBF funding strategy for global health research and receives up to €50 million over the course of five years (2017–2021).

Five research networks with four to seven African and two German partners each have been selected for fund­ing. All networks are coordinated by African scientists and will thus focus on regional needs. Interdisciplinary, international cooperation through joint research is the key to success.

The majority of the projects are dedicated to research on poverty-related infectious diseases such as tuber­culosis or parasitic diseases. One project focuses on the research and implementation of evidence-based healthcare. Moreover, all projects aim to strengthen clinical and laboratory capacities in the African partner countries.

With the support of the Research Networks for Health Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa, the BMBF contributes to the EDCTP2 programme, supported by the European Union.