Collaborative Projects

TB Sequel - Study of clinical, microbiological and immunological factors leading to an unfavourable outcome in pulmonary TB patients

The core of the scientific activities is a prospective cohort of up to 1600 patients across 4 countries, enrolled at the time of TB diagnosis and studied for subsequent 24 months. This cohort study, Research Task 1 (RT1), will serve as a platform for further 4 RTs: RT2 Host-Immunology Study, RT3 Pathogen Study, RT4 Socio-economic Study and RT5 Intervention Study. All RTs incorporate activities to develop administrative, infrastructural, medical and scientific capacities, which will, in the long term, facilitate Africa based research and therapy of tuberculosis. Another important component of TB Sequel is the collaboration and development of scientific networks, which will promote the scientific exchange of African scientists in the global TB community.