Collaborative Projects

CYSTINET-Africa: Cysticercosis Network of Sub-Saharan Africa

Taenia solium cysticercosis/taeniosis/neurocysticercosis (TSCT/NCC) is a neglected infectious disease which can be eliminated. It is endemic in many sub-Saharan countries. The high prevalence of this disease affects human and animal health alike and thus has socio-economic effects in affected countries. The cysticercosis research network CYSTINET-Africa, which is based on the One-Health concept that connects human and animal health for the effective management of infectious diseases, is set up to contribute to elimination and prevention of Taenia solium cysticercosis/Taeniosis/neurocysticercosis (TSCT/NCC). CYSTINET-Africa with four African and two German partners has defined the following objectives: study of the pathomechanisms in a one-health approach; implementation of treatment strategies especially against the background of the African HIV epidemic; intensive epidemiological work-up of the local endemic situation to improve prevention; development of a low-cost locally-adapted health education package; intensive network cooperation to promote capacity building at national and international levels; implementation of institutional and systemic structures including the establishment of the Virtual One-Health Centre with an integrated research school in the African partner countries.