Subproject Hannover

Reference number: 01KI1705
Funding amount: 350.000 EUR
Funding Period: 2017 - 2020
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Tim Sparwasser
Address: Twincore, Zentrum für Experimentelle und Klinische Infektionsforschung GmbH
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 7
30625 Hannover

The project examines the genetic and functional characteristics of antimicrobial-resistant clones (AMR clones) with the aim of restricting their transmission in the host population. Streptococcus pneumoniae AMR is being distributed around the whole world via a limited number of clones. The pneumococcal vaccination PCV has reduced the number of AMR clones among vaccination strains. However, AMR is currently increasing due to the expansion of non-PCV types. The approach taken by this project is based on targeting polysaccharides in the pneumococcal capsule with vaccination as well as on very potent antibiotic treatment regimes. The proposed new approach serves to fight pneumococcal infections via the precise targeting of AMR clonal characteristics which occur in easily transmittable AMR lines in the population, colonize individuals and are highly likely to cause disease. Our aim is to prevent future infections by clone-specific interventions using specific antigen-targeting of individual lines in new kinds of vaccination formulations and to prevent colonization of AMR pneumococci by clonal interventions using sequence-specific targeting by means of RNA-directed nuclease interference.

The project is part of a transnational research collaboration under the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR). The collaboration involves scientists from four European countries working together on a solution to this research question. The funding measure pursues the aim of bringing together relevant research groups with complementary expertise and resources from the participating countries. Cooperative research approaches will achieve progress in preventing, monitoring and combating antibiotic resistance which could not be achieved on a national level.